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Structural Design

Residential & Commercial

Are you extending the rear or the side of your house? Are you wanting to re-organise an awkward layout on the ground floor? Are you thinking of combining rooms, changing the elevations and the openings, to reconfigure the floor plan?

This important re-shuffle of a residential house or a commercial space will need an eye for design, an attention to detail, a space management expert and a sensible approach to your budget. It will be our aim to maximize and enhance the light and existing features creating the perfect solution to meet your lifestyle and family needs.

After a complementary two hour site visit we will work with you to create a space that incorporates all of your needs, including atmosphere and functionality in a very practical room. All details will have been considered and all issues resolved ensuring the builder is ready to deliver your dream project.   

Our services include:

  • Two hour complimentary site visit

  • An agreed brief that sums up your requirements and aspirations

  • One initial floor plan/layout

  • One initial 3D visualisation

  • One initial mood board

  • Several visits on site for presentation and further changes

  • One final floor plan and layout

  • One final detailed mood board

  • One final 3D visualisation

Prices starting at: £499

Mini Design Project

Residential & Commercial

Do you need help designing an efficient layout for your master bedroom, your play room, living room, or even your hall? Do you need a colour scheme and atmosphere that suits your room and your style?

By sending us your photos, room dimensions including your chosen furniture, we will create an amazing space that suits you. After a phone call you will receive a floor plan and a detailed mood board to suit your aspirations and enhance your space.

How it works

  • Send us photos of the room, your furniture and the dimensions of the room

  • We’ll have a short telephone call to form a brief and ensure we capture and integrate all your requirements and aspirations

  • You will receive a detailed mood board and floor plan for your space

Fixed price: £150

Master Design Project   

Residential & Commercial 

Are you renovating a kitchen,  bathroom or an entire section of your house? Are you starting a business in new premises? We have a service that will help you design, organise and manage a functional and enjoyable space.

After a complimentary two hour site visit we will help you create a space that incorporates all of your needs, creating atmosphere and functionality in a very practical room where all details have been considered and all issues resolved.


Our services include:

  • A complimentary two hour site visit

  • An agreed brief that sums up your requirements and aspirations

  • One initial floor plan/layout

  • One initial 3D visualisation

  • One initial mood board

  • A second visit on site for presentation and further changes

  • One final floor plan and layout

  • One final detailed mood board

  • One final 3D visualisation

Prices starting at £299

Project Management &

Commercial Space

After planning and designing your dream project together we can organise the management as well. We will bring in well-known trades and builders to deliver your project, making sure that work progresses to time and on schedule. We will be in touch daily with all the parties to track progress, making sure the project runs smoothly until completion — our communication will be continuous throughout the project.

Fixed price: to be determined by the size of the project or proportional to budget

N.B. All structural works have to be carried out by a qualified Structural engineer and builder. Design Studio N. will not be responsible in any way for the competence and performance of their services.

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This semi detached 1935 house benefited from a ground floor modern redesign; reconnecting the dining room to the kitchen with a peninsula

and opening up the living room to the dining room has allowed the owners to benefit from an east west facing room bathed with light all day. The kitchen was fitted with bespoke and sophisticated light grey units that borrowed space from the under-stairs making the kitchen more comfortable to use. The garage was also converted into a practical utility room. 



This remodel of a kitchen/living room was achieved with a sophisticated look while remaining faithful to the original 1930's atmosphere. 

A couple of walls were taken down to to get rid of quirky built in cupboards  and by enlarging the opening between the kitchen and dining room we created a better flow and a view to the garden.  The chimneys breasts were kept and restored to their original grandeur. All features were kept and all wooden flooring was sanded and varnished. 




This kitchen diner living space created a room all of the family can gravitate towards. A three-pane sliding window is the star of the show, bringing the outside in.
The large kitchen island was designed to host guests for social gatherings but also permits different activities to take place during the course of the day.
Additionally a custom made letterbox fireplace allows a warm atmosphere in the whole room.



In this 1930's semi-detached home, we helped the owners create a soft, romantic theme.
The wonderful mix of lines and curves brought by the roll-top bathtub and basin resonate well with the custom made wall panelling.
The"hot white" paint colour gives the room a fresh but still warmly feel.


The owners of this house sought to retain the main architecture of the house but wanted to modernise it.
The kitchen space was slightly opened towards the dining room which created a view to the garden.
It was dressed with sophisticated cabinets giving a modern and practical feel. Sleek handle-less larders and glacier white worktops give this kitchen a fresh and modern design.